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A description of our regular tours.
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Ghosts & Goblins of Old Tokyo

Explore the backstreets of the old sections of town, in this special walking tour. Tokyo is one of the most haunted cities in the world, and this district is legendary for ghosts and yokai (shapeshifting goblins). We will be visiting historic haunted areas where ancient spirits prowl, as well as secret “power spots” that locals have known about for centuries! Visit graves of old Edo’s most colorful denizens. Have skin magically cleared up at the toad shrine. See a real mummified hand of a kappa (cap-headed water sprite). Peer into Old Hags Pond, site of the most notorious serial murders in Japanese history. Listen to tales of blood lust and revenge.

This tour departs from Inaricho Station (Ginza Line). Meet at McDonalds.
Check our schedule page for dates and starting times.
GHOSTS & GOBLINS OF OLD TOKYO, starting point:

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If you are going to take the tour and want more background about the Japanese goblins, see this 1994 anime by Studio Ghibli:“Pompoko”

Backstreets Tokyo Ghost Walk

Our popular spooky night tour! Pass through narrow alleyways of one of Tokyo’s most haunted areas, a notorious slum where shack still echo with cries of the doomed! Explore an eerie tunnel, visit a vertical cemetery, climb the “Hill of Darkness,” walk through a maze of backstreets, and visit the home of Japan’s horrifying droopy-eyed ghost…

Meet Shinanomachi Station, on the JR Chuo-Sobu Line. Gather just outside the ticket gate, there’s only one! Look for our ghost sign.

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Blood of Samurai
Pass through quiet residential areas in Tokyo that conceal a secret bloody history: the haunt of angry spirits of the 47 Ronin… the masterless Samurai of Japan’s most beloved true-life tale of heroism and revenge! See the actual place where the warriors committed hara-kiri after completing their violent vendetta. Walk the old Tokaido road and stop at the site where 50 Christians were burned at the stake. Venture up Ghost Hill, enter a haunted tunnel, visit the Magical lipstick Buddha who has the power to make you beautiful! …and more!


Meet Shirokane-Takanawa Station, exit 1 (Mita line, or Namboku line)
The walk also ends at this station. Approx 2-3 hours.
Check our website for dates and times.
BLOOD OF SAMURAI starting point:

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For more background about the legend of 47 Ronin, watch this classic film directed by Kenzo Mizoguchi (English subtitles):
“Genroku Chûshingura” 1941 part 1 of 8

Demons of the Red Light District

We’ll be walking through urban Yotsuya and Shinjuku, and trying to avoid the terrible angry spirits that abound here. Visit one of the most famous haunted spots in Tokyo: Oiwa-san’s shrine, and hear her tragic story of poisonous betrayal. Then go on to an unholy compound, with terrifying representations of Hell! Walk along the dark alleyways where neon lights cast an ominous flicker. Pass through Tokyo’s most notorious red-light districts, visit a haunted “Love Hotel” and listen to true-life tales of horror.

This tour departs from Caffe Veloce, just outside Yotsuya Sanchome Station (Marunouchi line), exit 3.


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Graveyard Mystery Tour

Join us for a walking tour of Tokyo’s oldest public cemetery, considered to be one of Japan’s most haunted sites! Ghosts and mysteries of this sprawling labyrinth of tombstones! Listen to true-life grisly tales from Japan’s bloody history, and learn why the spirits cannot rest. The Hara-Kiri General and his haunted stables. The League of Blood’s coup d’etat & the plot to murder Charlie Chaplan. The stolen bones of one of Japan’s most celebrated novelists. Faithful dog Hachiko, whose spirit awaits his master at the station for all eternity. Do you dare to enter the land of the dead…? We can’t guarantee that you’ll see any ghosts on our tour, but then again…

This tour departs from Nogizaka Station (Chiyoda Line) exit 1 (Afternoon walk, for evening walk starting point is different)
GRAVEYARD MYSTERY TOUR, afternoon starting point:

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Custom day tours of other areas such as Kamakura are available. Seasonal walks such as “Freak Show,” “FireWalking,” “Halloween Night Graveyard” “My Bloody Valentine” and “Haunted Scroll” are also offered.

Private tours can be arranged, as well as special events such as birthday and Sayonara party walks. Corporate groups & team building activity. For more info contact: hauntedtokyotours@hotmail.com