Ghosts & Goblins of Old Tokyo

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Ghosts & Goblins of Old Tokyo

Explore the backstreets of the old sections of town, in this special walking tour. Tokyo is one of the most haunted cities in the world, and this district is legendary for ghosts and yokai (shapeshifting goblins). We will be visiting historic haunted areas where ancient spirits prowl, as well as secret “power spots” that locals have known about for centuries! Visit graves of old Edo’s most colorful denizens. Have skin magically cleared up at the toad shrine. See a real mummified hand of a kappa (cap-headed water sprite). Peer into Old Hags Pond, site of the most notorious serial murders in Japanese history. Listen to tales of blood lust and revenge.

This tour departs from Inaricho Station (Ginza Line). Meet at McDonalds.
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GHOSTS & GOBLINS OF OLD TOKYO, starting point:

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If you are going to take the tour and want more background about the Japanese goblins, see this 1994 anime by Studio Ghibli:“Pompoko”